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That huge audience could be seen in complete silence………especially in meditating on the Passion of Jesus Christ, they were filled with tenderness of heart” (St Vincent Maria Strambi).

Forest Hill Meditation Centre - Gaborone - Botswana

Forest hill Meditation Centre is situation in the busy commerce park area in Gaborone, Botswana. Many people expect to found this place noisy and busy because of its location. However, when one just passes the sign post “Passionist Community Forest Hill Meditation Centre” the feeling changes. As one follows the dusty road is welcomed by a thatched Chapel with all its peacefulness which helps one discover his/her own peace.

Meditation is one of the highest prayers for a single reason. It is not directed to God in heaven and is different from other formal prayers because it is solely directed to God who dwells within me. Not the God who is outside me. During meditation one does not pray with the head or the intellect but with the heart.

There are two kinds of meditation that are practiced at the centre. The first one is the daily meditation that lasts for 30 minutes twice daily. From 06:15 – 06:45 in the mornings and from 05:30 – 06:00 in the evenings.

The second type of meditation is conducted on Wednesdays from 05:15 – 06:15 pm. The Wednesday meditation is a guided meditation whereby participants are led into the practice with the help of the meditation guide, Fr Julian Black, CP. The first 10 minutes is for introduction which is followed by practice.

Part of Forest Hill Residence and the Chapel (Church)

The Wednesday meditation has been going on for the past 6 years and there are some members who have been attending for the past 5 years.

Both meditations, the Wednesday and the Daily ones, are open to all people. Among others who have been part of the meditations at the centre are the Buddhists, Lutherans, Anglicans, Religious sisters, Catholics and even others who do not belong to any official church.


Apart from meditation the centre also offers Spiritual Direction, Counselling and Confession. These too are open to all kinds of people. The counselling which done at the centre is not limited to spiritual matters. It encompasses all issues that affect human life including domestic problems. One can arrange with the spiritual father for a meeting. The frequencies of the meetings depend on an individual’s story and availability.

The place is also an ideal place for both personal and group retreats, directed and preached retreats.

I am persuaded that in that solitude you will find that peace which perhaps you were unable to have ….. because of being busy with your work (As a Seal Upon Your Heart, 89).

Silence can be experienced even in the noisiest industrial area.

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