• The Mataf Members and Other Officials After the Congress
  • Forest Hill Meditation Center - Gaborone - Botswana
  • The Present Curia Members: Frs Obrien, Emmanuel and Diedericks
  • The Former Postulancy House - Molepolole - Botswana
  • Thanksgiving: A Day After Ordination
  • The Present Postulancy House in Chibombo - Kabwe - Zambia
  • Philosophy House: Buckley Estate in Lusaka

There will be a Final Profession for the three brothers: Ian Kunda, CP Deusdedit Kumbani, CP and Ian Chikwa, CP.


Ian Kalumba, CP is serving in South Africa St George Parish in Pretoria.

Deusdedit Kumbani, CP is doing his apostolate in Chibombo Parish - Kabwe - Zambia.

Ian Chikwa, CP is doing is apostolate in Chibombo, Postulants Formation House.

The Final Profession for these three brothers will take place in Botswana - Forest Hill Community on 14th June, 2014.