Today people earnestly thirsty for the Word. When we talk about the Word of the Crucified today it is so necessary especially in our broken communities. As the Congregation of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ we preach Christ Crucified to the people. In preaching missions we specifically proclaim the Word to groups of people in a parish set up. When doing preaching missions we do not limit ourselves to the Passionist Parishes but we take the Word to other parishes as well. This is done in collaboration with the parish priests and the faithful themselves.

Fr Emmanuel Kabinga, CP and a Section of Parishioners at Makeni Parish in Lusaka During the 2014 Lenten


MissionsThe preaching missions are done with focus on specific needs of the people concerned and specific seasons of the year, for instance Lenten Preaching Missions during we walk together with the faithful. The people are enriched and fed with the Word which  helps them to deeply be prepared for the Easter. And also Advent Preaching Missions.