Our founder, Paul of the Cross, emphasises the proclamation of the Word of God for the benefit of the people. With this emphasis giving retreats is one of the main apostolic activity  which enables us to proclaim the Word to the people.

Our retreat preachings as reflected in our constitution has one aim as it states, "We recognize our preaching of sacred missions as an especial proclamation of the Word of God. Our aim is to bring people back to the Lord, and to renew and strengthen the practice of their Faith, which we encourage them to live not only personally but also in the context of Christian community."

Our retreats are not given not only to groups of people but also to individuals. These retreats  are not only conducted in our centres but also wherever the retreatants (those who want the retreat) arrange for their convenience.

These retreats are done in all the three countries where our vicariate is found, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

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