After a successful completion of postulancy in Chibombo, Kabwe Diocese - Zambia, a candidate proceeds to take philosophical studies at St Bonaventure Philosophicum in Makeni, Lusaka. During this stage, a candidate follows a three year program in intense studies.

The Old Students' House

Though the main purpose of this stage is intellectual growth prayer life is inevitable. Most of the time is spent in studies and school programmes. However, a candidate continues learning more about Passionist life. Students commute daily from the community to the school. Over the weekend and on some selected days, the students are involved in manual work and other community activities.

First Year Philosophy is a period during which students are introduced to philosophy. Before commencing their studies the prospective first year students are supposed to have a week of familiarisation tour at the college. This is just a week before the opening of the College.

After graduation the students will be preparing for Novitiate, a spiritual year.